Pride In Our People

This section of the site would like to highlight just some of the great people of Alderville’s past (in alphabetical order). To view the profiles, click on the picture of the person you would like to read about.



1931 Baseball Team Alderville, 1931 Northumberland County baseball champs.

Back Row: J. Bigwin, B. Marsden, A. Loukes, J. Loukes, G. Smoke, E. Marsden, W. Chubb, J. Simpson, W. Smoke

Front Row: F. Simpson, A. Marsden, E. Crowe(Coach), A. Beaver, W. Crowe



Alderville Chief & Council, 1888

In back from left to right, Tom Marsden, Councillor, born circa 1817, died 1916 in Alderville. Peter Crowe, Councillor, in the centre back, born 1835 Grape Island, died in Alderville 1920. Back right, Francis Beaver, Councillor.
Front left George Blaker (the first, the Reverend), Councillor. Next to him John Thackery, Indian Agent, next to him Chief Mitchell Chubb, right front William Loukes, Secretary.



Comego, Sampson
1866 – 1915

Sampson was an Alderville Mississauga Ojibway that held the rank of Colour Sergeant, KIA by a rifle grenade in the first world war. Read More here
CEF Soldier detail, Alderville’s First fallen soldier in WWI
Letter from Pte, R Franklin of the 139th Battalion, submitted by Moses Marsden


peter comego

Comego, Peter
1867 – 1938
Comego was an Alderville Mississauga Ojibway that held the rank of private, in the 139th battalion, he saw four years of service in the first world war. Read More Here


Simpson, Fred
1878 – 1945

Fred was an Alderville Mississauga Ojibway marathon runner that participated in the 1908 Olympic Marathon.



Smoke, Albert
1891 – 1944

Albert was a marathon runner and Olympian that was the last Mississauga Ojibway marathon runner to compete in the Olympics Games.



Sunday, John
1795 – 1875

John was known in Ojibwa as Shawundais. He was a Mississauga Ojibwa chief and a Methodist minister. He was ordained in 1836 and became a missionary among the Indians of central Canada.