Message from Grand Council Chief Madahbee on the upcoming federal election

Williams Treaty Court Hearings – Rama and Curve Lake

There will be Aboriginal Elder testimony from Williams Treaty First Nations held in Rama and Curve lake. The main details are as follows:
– Court will be held 5 days per week
– Opening ceremony would take place between 9:30 and 10 am.
– Court proceedings will begin each day at 10 am and adjourn at 4 pm


Dates of the Hearings:
Week of October 26th – Rama  – Witnesses from Rama, Georgina, Beausoleil and Scugog to testify
Week of November 2nd – Rama (continues)
Week of November 16th – Curve Lake (Witnesses from Curve Lake, Hiawatha and Alderville)
Week of November 23rd – Curve Lake (continues, if necessary)


Access to Presquile Provincial Park

Chief Marsden and Consultation Manager, Dave Simpson, have successfully negotiated a Pilot Project with Presquile Provincial Park a right of access to Presquile Park for our membership due to the fact Presquile park is in our traditional territory. Document changes for each of the REA Reports.
Read full release here


Change Document Report

S.Burnett & Associates Limited was retained by Alderville First Nation to prepare the REA amendment submission resulting from the incorrect UTM coordinates and the application of new inverter/transformer units. The following is a Change Document Report containing a summary of REA Document changes for each of the REA Reports.
Please find the document attached here (10MB)


Treaty 20 Release

The following is document outlining the areas and regulations if you wish to immediately hunt within the boundary recently set where members have had their rights to hunt and fish recognized by the province and MNR.


Certificate of Indian Status

Community Notice from Chiefs of Ontario Re: Secure Certificate of Indian Status & Border Issues.
View the full release here


Summary Analysis of the Federal Budget

Jody Kechego (Senior Policy Analyst with Anishinabek Nation) breaks down the “deceptions, decisions and departmentalization” of the federal budget back on April 11th, 2013. View the 3 page document HERE.


App teaches Ojibway

Learn and Speak Ojibway for free. The Ogoki Learning Systems Inc. App available for free on iTunes lets users interact and listen to spoken word of their Ojibway ancestors in an effort to educate in pronunciation, identification and basic syllabics. Learn about the Ojibway, their people, and history, as well as important treaties with Canada, the United States, Britain, France and other countries.
Ogoki Ojibway App in iTunes Store


Election Reform Initiative

The Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development has provided a 12 page update on the ongoing Election Reform Initiative. Please find below a link to the document and take the time to read it and remain informed.
Election Reform Initiative.pdf


Application Process

A registration form specific to Bill C-3 must be used by applicants when submitting their request for registration. This form also includes a section to apply for the in-Canada SCIS. Indian and Northern Affairs Canada will make the forms available on its website (www.inac-ainc.gc.ca).

Confirmation of registration and issuance of the in-Canada SCIS will occur in two steps; however, applicants are strongly encouraged to provide all of the required documentation with their initial application form in order to receive an in-Canada SCIS as expeditiously as possible.

Applicants are required to send their application by mail directly to a processing unit dedicated to handle Bill C-3 applications. Approximately 4,500 applications related to the McIvor Case had been previously received by INAC. These applications that had been put on hold have been re-activated on January 31, 2011. Applications that contained all required information and documentation will be processed. Individuals who had sent incomplete applications will be contacted by mail to provide the missing information.

Individuals who have provided all required information and who are deemed to be eligible for registration should receive a decision letter within four to six months, provided that application volumes are within our estimates. The letter of confirmation will provide them with access to benefits and services until their in-Canada SCIS is issued. If, or once, all the required documentation has been provided for the in-Canada format of the SCIS they will receive their certificate within 10 to 12 weeks following that date.

All First Nations Chiefs and Council and Indian Registry Administrators will be receiving an information package regarding the Bill C-3 registration process. Department officials are currently holding information sessions with all Indian Registry Administrators around the country.

Application Documentation Requirements

The following documents are required at time of application:

  • Original birth certificate listing the names of the applicant’s parents (e.g. “Long Form” Birth Certificate)
  • Original Registration and Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS in-Canada) Guarantor Declaration (Form 83-120E)
  • Original valid identity document(s) OR photocopy of the applicant’s valid identity document(s) certified by their Guarantor
  • Photographs – Two (2) passport type photographs signed on the back by the applicant’s Guarantor

And if applicable: Name Change Documents, Court Orders, or Statutory Declaration Forms