Local Business Directory

Alderville First Nation has a thriving business community with a wide variety of small businesses ranging from personal esthetics to fabricating shops, construction to handmade crafts. There are many small service businesses catering to the surrounding market area as well.

Here is a contact list of some of our local businesses:

Description Contact Phone Email
Alderville Community Centre
Events Facility
Cheryl Maynes 905-352-2284 email
Scissors Edge
Hair Salon, Tanning, Spa
Julie Simpson 905-352-2211 email
Simpson Welding
Custom Welding & Fabrication Service
Cody Simpson 905-352-2011 email
Alderville Indian Crafts
Crafts, Moccasins, Dreamcatchers, Jewelry, etc.
Jeff & Debbie Beaver 905-352-3164 email
Sweetgrass Studios
Native Art and Reproductions
Rick Beaver 905-352-2402 email
Stevenson Building Products
Windows, Doors, Glass
Glen & Charlene Stevenson 905-352-3800
Crowe Brothers Roofing
Roofing and Siding
Howie & Cathy Crowe 905-352-3065
Eagle Eye Roofing
Roofing, Siding, Eavestroughs
Randy Crowe 905-352-3782
Glen Crowe Construction
Roofing, Siding, Sand & Gravel
Glen Crowe 905-352-2271
Larry Crowe Haulage
Sand and Gravel Haulage
Larry Crowe Sr. 905-352-2910
The Gathering Place
Traditional & Contemporary First Nations Art
Randy P. Smoke 905-352-2133 email 
Marsden & Holmes Tax Planning
Accounting Services
Matt & Jody Holmes 905-352-2104 email
Minnetonka Perennials
Greenhouse annuals and Perennials
Cathy Loukes 905-352-2087
NeeJee Auto Sales & Service
Automotive Sales & Services
Irene McKendrick 905-352-3936
Our House Variety
Variety & Crafts Store
Jane Marsden 305-352-2423
Pump and Plumbing
Plumbing, Pumps
Ralph George 905-352-3812
Ruth Clarke Consulting
Editing, Copywriting
Ruth Clarke 905-352-2465 email
Smoke Electric
Electrical Contractor
Ralph Smoke 905-352-3589
Tall Teepee
Gas & Restaurant
Penny Crowe 905-352-3147
Pizza Pad
Pizza, Pool, Licensed
Holly Crowe 905-352-3997
Prepaid Legal Services
Legal Services Coverage
Dave Simpson 905-352-2214 email
Nan’s Smokin’ Coffee
Nancy George 905-352-2576
The Trading Post
Gas and Variety Store
Irene Starr 905-352-2915
Trail’s End Larry Crowe Sr. 905-352-2910