Tourism and Events

Alderville First Nation has a variety of activities for visitors to participate in throughout the year.


Annual Traditional Pow Wowpowwow

This event is a community event that involves traditional dancing, drumming, food, ceremonies, crafts etc. The Pow Wow takes place at the Alderville First Nation Pow Wow grounds located off Roseneath Landing Road between County Rd. #18 and the Third Line of Alnwick-Haldimand. The date for the Pow Wow has been set to the 2nd Saturday of July, be sure to check your local paper or contact the Administration office at 905-352-2011 for further information. Also check the Calendar on the News & Events page.


Annual Alderville Regattaregatta

This annual event takes place on Saturday of the Civic Holiday weekend in August. The location of this event is at Vimy Ridge, Alderville on the south shore of Rice Lake . The regatta includes swimming races, 32 canoe events, and outboard racing in six different classes ranging from 10 hp & under to open class. There are also grocery hamper draws, 50/50, barbeque, children’s activities followed by an evening dance at the Alderville Community Centre. For more information call: 905-352-2011.


The Alderville War Monument


The Alderville war Monument is a focal point in the community located at the corner of Hwy#45 and 2nd line Rd. Built in 1927, and weighing 468 tons, it rises to almost 50 feet and commemorates the sacrifices of Alderville’s war dead and returned veterans from the First World War (1914-18). It is one of the most prominent and strikingly beautiful war monuments to be found in Canada . Those who served later in World War II, the Korean War, and in Vietnam are also represented and honoured.



Alderville Black Oak Savannasavanna byAlison_Clark_900_250

The Alderville Black Oak Savanna is the largest remnant of the Rice Lake Plains, situated in the heart of Alderville. It constitutes a rare and endangered eco-system, is protected by Alderville, and is a reflection of the importance of bio-diversity. For more information go to:



Drum Socials

drumming circle

Once the outside Pow Wow season ends in late September you can come inside and enjoy the tradition of the big drum, dancing, and feasting, throughout the fall and winter at Alderville Community Centre. For more information on our monthly drum socials please contact 905-352-2140.



Weekly Bingos

The Alderville Community Centre is the place to be for weekly bingo action. Monthly and family bingos are also held on a regular basis. For more information, call 905-352-2284.

Crafts, Artwork, and more…

There are several small outlets in Alderville that sell artwork and crafts created by local artisans as well as people from other First Nation Communities throughout Canada.