Daycare History

In 1983, an initial Needs Assessment Survey was conducted to see if a daycare facility on reserve was feasible; but, once again, the results were not favorable.

In 1989, Gladys Hearns, a member of the Alderville First Nation, was attending Loyalist College in Belleville. She was studying her Social Services Diploma and she applied to Alderville to do a placement. She completed the surveys and research needed to develop the original Day Care proposal. The original proposal was revamped several times by Cindy Marsden (Social Services Administrator), Maureen Gray (Community Member), and Stacey Jenkins (Summer Student).

After extensive negotiations with the Ministry of Child and Youth Services and the Department of Indian Affairs, an announcement was made in January 1993 by the Ministry of Child and Youth Services stating they would fund 80% of the facility. Alderville First Nation would fund the remaining 20%.

The opening of the Day Care Centre was September 1994 and is licensed for 52 children ranging from infants to 12 years of age.

Contact Information:

Jan Mowat, Daycare Supervisor
(905) 352-1065