Programs and Services

Weekly Programs

  • Fitness Room – which is located in the Health and Social Services Building is open during business hours and three nights per week.
  • Fitness Classes – fitness classes are offered one night a week during the winter months. Yoga is available for community members to participate in. During the summer months, aqua fitness is available in the community pool.
  • Meals on Wheels – clients who have been assessed and are deemed to be in need may access the meals on wheels program.
  • Youth Group – is offered to community youth aged 13 to 18. The group meets every Wednesday from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at the Student Services Building. Services include tutoring and individualized help with homework and projects. Youth are welcome to use the computer lab with internet access. Other activities include recreational outings, guest speakers, cultural teachings and numerous other activities that promote health and safety and further educational pursuits.
  • Ojibwe Singing Lessons – community members are invited to participate in ojibwe singing lessons one night per week.
  • Tae Kwon Do – community members of all ages may take part in Tae Kwon Do classes which are facilitated by a well qualified instructor and take place on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Community Care Program – this is an ongoing program which offers home maintenance assistance to elderly and disabled members of the community. Services include; lawn cutting, raking, piling of wood, snow shoveling and putting on and removal of storm windows. Coordinate a lifeline program for those individuals who require supportive services in their home.

Monthly Programs

  • Diabetes Support Group – this is a support group available to community members and their families. The diabetes support group meets on the last Thursday of each month and is facilitated by the Community Health Nurse. Often guest speakers are invited to offer information and answer questions.
  • Cancer Support Group – the cancer support group meets on the last Tuesday of each month and is open to community members who have been affected by cancer either personally or through a family member. This group is facilitated by the Community Health Nurse.
  • Doctor’s Clinic – Dr. Michael Bayer visits the Health Centre once per month to see Alderville Band members who do not have a family doctor.
  • Dietician Clinic – Cynthia Payne is a registered dietitian who visits the Health Centre each month to meet with clients one on one to offer nutritional advice and information.
  • Foot Care Clinic – monthly foot care clinics are held to assist clients with proper foot care.
  • Elder’s Program – each month the elder’s of the community are invited to participate in an activity which is planned by the Community Health Representative.
  • Parent Support Group – parents of children aged 0 – 6 are invited to come out once a month for either an informational session or a fun family outing.
  • Traditional Medicine Clinic – an elder with excellent knowledge of traditional medicines travels to our Health Centre to offer his wisdom and teachings to community members who would like to meet with him.


  • Family Wellness Week – this program operates on the March Break week when children are off school. It is designed for children and their families to participate in this recreational and educational program together. This program is designed to promote and enhance healthy lifestyles.
  • Annual Health Fair – in October of each year, professionals from all areas of health related fields are invited to set up an information booth at our annual health fair. People from Alderville and the surrounding area are invited to come get information on a variety of topics and stay for a free lunch.
  • Annual Men’s Night – male members of the community are invited to gather annually in celebration of being men. They are offered massage, hair cuts, tarot card reading and much more including dinner all free of charge.
  • Annual Elder’s Dinner – a celebration dinner in honour of our elder’s is hosted each year. Elder’s from surrounding First Nation Communities are invited to come enjoy a fully catered dinner and the entertainment of our local talent.
  • Annual Christmas Concert – The annual Christmas concert takes place each year at our Community Centre. Community members of all ages provide entertainment by means of poetry, music, plays and demonstrations. This is followed by a visit from Santa Clause who always comes with bags full of gifts for each child.
  • Bi-annual Rabies Clinic – twice a year Pine Ridge Veterinarian Association travels to Alderville to inoculate animals against rabies. This service is available to Alderville Community Members free of charge.
  • Annual Family Fire Works – in celebration of Native Solidarity Day, fire works are purchased and set off for all community members to observe and celebrate.

Other Programs and Services Offered

  • Children’s Camp – every year educational courses are offered to children such as the St. John’s Ambulance Babysitting course, Boating Safety and the one week Summer Science Camp.
  • Children’s Health Program – Alderville Health Services staff hold a children’s health event which combines health promotion, education, recreation, healthy snacks and fun. It is available to children ages 6 – 12 and takes place 4 times each year.
  • Community Pool – the community pool is open in July upon commencement of summer vacation. A qualified lifeguard is on duty at all times of operation. Swimming lessons are available to children of all ages and take place in the morning hours. The afternoon hours and weekends are made available for recreational swimming. At the end of the summer, a badge ceremony is held for students who have successfully completed their swimming lessons.
  • Healthy Babies/Healthy Children Program – if a mom or babe is assessed in the hospital and deemed “high risk” by Health Unit Staff, the Alderville Community Health Nurse is contacted to perform the “in-depth” assessment required by the province. The CHN can also link the family with “lay visitor” services as well as other programs and services in the area which foster early screening and intervention to maximize the health of the child.
  • New Parent & Child Support – this may include home visits, distribution on material before hand or hospital visitation with the newborn. Breast feeding, healthy nutrition and parent self care are some topics that are promoted. Assistance for parents and children may mean helping to find accommodation, child care or babysitters. Home visit requests are always welcome and access is available to mak any necessary referrals to outside agencies which can include setting up case management meetings and developing short and long term plans of care.