Travelling the Credit

Joe is a recognized community knowledge-holder of plant-based medicine and the Founder & Director of Creators Garden, an Indigenous outdoor-education organization based out of Peterborough, Ontario. Participants will be led on an interpretive walk to learn the medicinal significance of plants along the Credit River incorporating hands-on learning with:

Mshkikiiwaabo – Tea (Mshkikiiwaabo) is the most extensively used method of administering medicine. Our elders grew up always seeing a giant pot of tea on the stove, meaning always consuming medicine. Let’s bring this incredible practice back! Here, we will learn how to make different teas. Examples include leaf, root, bark and flower teas.

Pkwenezagan (Smoke medicine) – Smoke medicine is an integral part of our ancient essentials – medicine bundle. We will learn and experience different fragrances of smoke and their uses. You will be blown away at the variety of amazing smells our plants have, and even more so at their application, from addictions to ADHD and sanitation to headaches.

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