Trustee Professional Development Module Request

Alderville First Nation members are encouraged to participate in the trustee professional development module. What the production team is looking for are people who would be willing to be interviewed on video. From a First Nations, Métis and Inuit perspective, participants will be invited to share their knowledge on the following topics, as suggested by the Steering Committee:

  • Truth and Reconciliation
  • Calls to Action
  • Indian Act and its limitations / impact
  • Impact of Residential Schools
  • Stereotypes & myths about Indigenous people – and why they exist
  • Traditional livelihoods (which are practiced today?)
  • Clan systems
  • Treaties
  • 60’s scoop and fostering
  • Language loss/revitalization
  • Contributions to Canadian society
  • Indigenous Governance (traditional or contemporary)
  • Experience and events specific to Inuit History. For example high arctic relocation; dog slaughter; Eskimo identification tags; tuberculosis epidemic; medical experiments; sterilization of women; land claim agreements.
  • Experience and events specific to Métis History. For example the “Powley Decision”; Daniels case; Bill C31; UNDRIP; TRC recommendations.

If you would be willing to take part in this project, please contact Kendra Devine directly, indicating which elements of the history you would be willing to be interviewed about. Kendra may be reached at

There may also be elements of the history that the Steering Committee has inadvertently missed. Please feel free to identify those.