Chief & Council

Alderville First Nation is governed by a Chief and four councillors who are elected every two years by ballot vote. Council meetings are held every Monday. Each councillor is assigned various committees for programs that they are responsible to oversee. These committees include councillors, experts (both native and non-native) and members from the community. Through the Administration Office, the Chief and council govern the community.

Our 2017-2019 Chief and Council overlooks the following portfolios:

Chief James Marsden
– Reserve Issues
– Finance and Administration
– Veterans Affairs
– Ogemawahj Tribal Council Board of Directors – Education Advisory
– South East Grand Chief
– Chiefs Committee on Governance

Councillor Julie Bothwell
– Community Centre
– Economic Development
– Youth/Recreation
– Ontario Works and Learning Centre
– Public Works/Maintenance
– Anishnaabe Kwewag Gamig (AKG)
– Dnaagdawenmag Binoojiyag Child and Family Services (DBCFS)

Councillor Jody Holmes
– Finance and Administration
– Church
– Education/Student Services
– Alderville Community Trust
– Youth/Recreation
– Matrimonial Real Property (MRP)

Councillor Pam Crowe
– Environment and Natural Resources
– Alderville Community Trust
– Housing
– Daycare
– Emergency Preparedness
– Health

Councillor Dave Simpson
– Environment and Natural Resources
– Hunting, Fishing, and Harvesting
– History
– Pow Wow
– Culture and Language

The following portfolios are shared by Chief and Council:

  • Union of Ontario Indians: Self Government Process
  • Seniors
  • Claims and Treaties
  • External Relations
  • Off-Reserve Issues
  • Appeal/Dispute Resolution
  • Constitution and Governance
  • Northumberland County/Alnwick-Haldimand Township Relations
  • Solar Farm/Ontario Power Authority
  • Land Management, Citizenship and Residency
  • Self Government Process
  • Legal


2015 – 2017
Chief and Council
Left to Right: Councillor Julie Bothwell, Councillor Jody Holmes,
Chief James Marsden, Councillor Pam Crowe, Councillor Dave Simpson


2013 – 2015
Chief and Council

Left to Right: Councillor Dave Mowat, Councillor Julie Bothwell,
Councillor Angela Smoke, Councillor Jody Holmes, Chief James Marsden


2011 – 2013
Chief and Council


Left to Right: Councillor Pam Crowe, Councillor Randy Smoke,
Chief James Marsden, Councillor Wes Marsden Jr., Councillor Dave Mowat


2009 – 2011
Chief and Council


Left to Right: Councillor Dave Mowat, Councillor Leonard Gray, Councillor Randy Smoke,
Chief James Marsden, Councillor Pam Crowe